Advantages of fluoride remover, the effect of fluoride remover on water quality

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2022-07-28 11:14

Scope of application of fluoride remover, application field of fluoride remover, this paper first introduces the basic properties and hazards of fluorine element, and then introduces the advantages of Huanrui fluoride remover and its impact on water quality.

Basic properties of fluorine

1. Activity: At room temperature, it can react with most elemental elements and exotherm violently.

2. Inert: The hydrogen on the alkyl group can be completely or partially replaced by fluorine, which is called a "perfluorinated substitute". Since the radius of the fluorine atom is slightly larger than that of the hydrogen atom, the arrangement of the fluorine atoms on the perfluorocarbon chain is slightly helical. This class of compounds has a distinctive inertness.

3. Non-viscosity: Generally, perfluorinated polymers are very stable, heat-resistant and cold-resistant, and have strong corrosion resistance. Such as polytetrafluoroethylene, it can withstand temperatures as high as 260 degrees Celsius, and is free from water and general organic solvents. 4. Solubility: Perfluorinated organics are difficult to miscible with general solvents at room temperature, except ethers and esters, and after heating, the solubility increases.

5. Corrosive: Fluorine and some of its compounds are toxic and highly corrosive. Hydrofluoric acid can corrode glass. Fluoride ions are permeable in human tissues. Hydrofluoric acid can rot to bone and cause permanent damage if it is not treated in time.

The harm of fluorine

1. Hazards to human teeth and bones

Fluorine is one of the essential elements of the human body. Deficiency of fluoride is prone to dental caries. The appropriate concentration of fluoride ions in drinking water is 0.5-1.0mg/L. But if the content is too high, it will cause toxicity. When drinking water with a fluoride content of up to 1-1.5mg/L for a long time, it is prone to plaque. For example, the fluoride content in water is higher than 4mg/L, which can deform the bones, cause bone fluorosis and damage the kidneys.

2. Impact on livestock

Accidentally ingesting 150mg of sodium fluoride can cause serious illness, and ingesting 5-10g by mistake can be fatal. Livestock drinking water with high fluoride content and eating feed with high fluoride content can cause chronic fluorosis, mainly manifested as lesions of teeth and bones, easy to fracture, loss of labor ability, and death from paralysis and exhaustion in severe cases.

3. Effects on plants

The toxic effect of fluoride in plants is mainly that fluoride can replace the metal elements in the enzyme protein to form complexes or combine with calcium ions and magnesium ions and plasma ions, so that the enzyme loses its activity. After plants absorb fluoride, the pH of leaves decreases, causing chlorophyll to lose magnesium ions to form magnesium chlorophyll, which in turn leads to the inhibition of photosynthesis and causes plants to lack green.

Advantages of Huanrui high-efficiency fluoride remover

1. A full range of fluoride removal agents can treat various organic fluorine, inorganic fluorine, difficult fluorine-containing wastewater and high, medium and low-concentration fluorine-containing wastewater, and can treat the fluoride content of sewage to below 1mg/L.

2. Fast sedimentation rate, fast adsorption efficiency and high removal rate. Under the same conditions, the fluoride removal efficiency is 2-4 times that of activated alumina and 8-10 times that of zeolite molecular sieve, which can greatly reduce the processing cost.

3. The whole process does not require complex equipment and harsh reaction conditions, and the operation is simple and easy to control.

4. The purity of the agent is high and the impurity content is low. Compared with other products on the market, the dosage is less and the amount of sludge is low.

5. It does not contain calcium, and long-term use will not cause scaling and blockage of pipes and valve bodies.

Effects of Huanrui fluoride remover on water quality after treatment

1. It can reduce the salinity and conductivity of the treated wastewater, so that the permeability of the RO membrane is better and the efficiency of wastewater recovery is higher.

2. The pH value of wastewater will not change significantly, so the amount of acid and alkali used to neutralize wastewater is reduced, which reduces costs.

3. The treated water quality is better than conventional inorganic and organic flocculants, and the cost of water purification is also 20% -30% lower.

4. It does not contain free aluminum ions, and has no effect on the biochemistry of the sludge press-filtered water.

5. The flocculant forms quickly and settles quickly, which has a larger processing capacity than other products on the market.



Specifically introduce the performance characteristics of ultrafiltration reverse osmosis equipment

1. A pretreatment protection device should be installed at the front of the ultrafiltration reverse osmosis equipment to ensure that the high-pressure pump and reverse osmosis membrane are not damaged by hard objects.


Analysis of the causes of scaling in ultrafiltration equipment

The reverse osmosis method is mainly used in various membrane water treatment processes. Simple equipment can be directly called ultrafiltration equipment, and complex equipment is called reverse osmosis system. When using a reverse osmosis device, scaling will inevitably occur, which is not only difficult to clean up, but also affects the water production effect. What is the reason for the scaling of ultrafiltration equipment?


Analysis of the role of ultrafiltration reverse osmosis equipment in the industrial water industry

Ultrafiltration reverse osmosis equipment is widely used in industrial water. There are often various impurities and microorganisms in industrial water, which can adversely affect production. It can filter out these impurities and microorganisms in the water through physical or chemical action, so that the water reaches the purity required for production.


Advantages of fluoride remover, the effect of fluoride remover on water quality

Scope of application of fluoride remover, application field of fluoride remover, this paper first introduces the basic properties and hazards of fluorine element, and then introduces the advantages of Huanrui fluoride remover and its impact on water quality.


What are the characteristics of fluoride remover

Fluoride remover is a kind of agent that can remove chlorides in water. With more and more factories and more serious pollution problems, fluoride remover products are welcomed by the majority of producers. So, what are the characteristics of such products? Below, let's take a look.


Application of fluoride remover

At present, the commonly used methods for defluorination of sewage and industrial wastewater include precipitation method, adsorption method, coagulation sedimentation method, reverse osmosis method, ion exchange method, electroprecipitation method, etc. These methods have different costs, effects, procedures, and equipment replacement frequencies. Degree of advantages and disadvantages.