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Softened water filter



Softened water filter
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    Fully automatic softened water equipment is a high-efficiency and energy-saving product designed by our experienced engineers and combined with advanced water softening technology, using advanced controllers and excellent resin products at home and abroad. This product is more suitable for water quality in various places and is an ideal product for industrial and domestic softened water treatment.

    ◆ Working principle

    This product uses strong acidic styrene-based sodium resin (NaR) to replace the hardness components Ca2 + and Mg2 + in the raw water to soften the raw water. The reaction is: 2NaR + Ca2 + (Mg2 +) = R2Ca (Mg) + 2Na +. When the resin is replaced with a certain amount of calcium and magnesium, it will lose its replacement ability; it can be soaked in a certain concentration of brine to restore its exchange ability. The reaction formula is: R2Ca (Mg) + 2Na += 2NaR + Ca2 + (Mg2 +). The regeneration process includes: backwashing (loosening the resin layer) - salt absorption slow washing (replacement process) - positive washing (washing away calcium and magnesium ions) - water injection (preparing for the next regeneration).

    ◆ Product Features

    ◇ High degree of automation, automatic softening water equipment automatically completes the cycle process such as softening and regeneration according to the preset program. Daily operation does not require manual operation except for adding salt.

    ◇ Small footprint, compact equipment, compact and lightweight.

    ◇ Strong corrosion resistance, the tank body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and engineering plastics or stainless steel, which can avoid the corrosion of the equipment by the regenerative agent.

    ◇ Reliable performance and stable effluent quality.

    ◇ Flexible selection, single tank, double tank, multi-tank system can be selected according to needs; time and flow control methods; simultaneous regeneration, alternate regeneration and other operation methods.

    ◆ Technical indicators

    ◇ Raw water hardness: ≤ 8mmol/L (high hardness water needs secondary treatment)

    ◇ Outlet hardness: ≤ 0.03mmol/L

    ◇ Power supply: 220 ± 10%, 50Hz

    ◇ Water supply pressure: 0.2~ 0.6Mpa

    ◇ Ambient temperature: 5~ 50 ℃

    ◇ Installation conditions: No separate equipment foundation is required, generally a flat cement floor is enough, and drains should be set around the equipment.

    ◆ Other instructions

    ◇ When the single-tank system is regenerated, stop producing water for 1 hour.

    ◇ The time control type is suitable for occasions where the water flow is stable; the flow control type is suitable for occasions where the water flow is unstable.

    ◇ When the equipment is not used for a long time, soak the resin in 5% salt water to prevent resin mildew.

    ◆ Scope of application

    ◇ Boiler (steam, hot water), heat exchanger, central air conditioning (prevention of scaling)

    ◇ Circulating cooling water system (preventing scaling of cooling towers)

    ◇ Washing water (save detergent, increase cleanliness)

    ◇ Food, beverage, winemaking, medicine, etc. (improve water quality)

    ◇ Printing and dyeing (improve water quality, improve dyeing quality)

    Precautions for installation of automatic water softener:

    1. There is no need to install the foundation, it can be installed horizontally on the foundation;

    2. Require a sewage outlet on the ground near the equipment

    3. If the inlet water pressure is lower than the required value, a booster pump must be installed;

    4. The softened water outlet pipe is a through heating device, and a check valve must be installed to prevent the backflow of hot water.

    5. Keep the salt solution to a saturated concentration, and the solid salt solution should be higher than the liquid level.

    6. After installation, the pipeline should be flushed to prevent impurities from causing blockage and contaminating the resin.

    7. The user provides raw water pressure, water quantity, water quality information and water conditions, so that our company can recommend the appropriate type of water softener. It can be specially designed according to on-site conditions. Provide installation and commissioning guidance and operation training

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